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HSBC UK Interest Rates

HSBC UK offers a range of everyday banking products to its personal banking customers, including current accounts, savings accounts, and credit cards, as well as international services, and ISAs student exclusive services. Additionally, loans, mortgages, and overdrafts are offered.

HSBC UK Overview

HSBC Bank UK is a business segment of HSBC Bank plc a major UK bank providing banking and financial services to the markets of the United Kingdom and Europe. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of HSBC Holdings (Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation), which is one of largest banking and financi... read more

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HSBC UK Discussion

  • Q: I am inquiring after the exchange/redemption of high valued foreign assets at HSBC. Would you be able to help guide me to the right personal please? I suspect this would be a wealth manager that may be aware of the assets I hold. I look forward to your hasty response. Respectfully, Kz

    Reply Kz from Toronto, Canada
  • Q: Which bank in UK gives best interest rates on fixed deposits for 1 to 5 years and at what rate. Also, whether the money is safe for the period of deposit.

    Reply Harinarayanan from Solihull, United Kingdom

HSBC UK Discussion Activity

  • HSBC UK ISA - Savings
    Q: i have bank a/c with hsbc. what is best isa you have?

    Reply Anthony Smith from Heanor, United Kingdom
  • HSBC UK ISA - Savings
    Q: II HAVE A LOYALTY CASH ISA WITH HSBC READING UK. WHAT IS THE REATE OF INTEREST OF ISA? it is to compare with other bank's isa rate.

    Reply Arundhati from London, United Kingdom
  • HSBC UK 1 Year Fixed Rate Bond - Deposits
    Q: we want to invest £130,000 in a fixed rate bond. We are HSBC existing customers. Can we do this at our local branch in Cromer, Norfolk?

    Reply M Davies from United Kingdom
  • HSBC UK 6 Month Fixed Rate Bond - Deposits
    Q: If I want to invest £50000 in a month bond can I take my money out before the 6 months in an emergency?

    Reply Gina from United Kingdom