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Barclays Interest Rates

There are a variety of products and services in Barclays personal banking sector. These include: basic bank accounts, mortgages, loans, credit cards, bonds and insurance.

Barclays Overview

Barclays Bank PLC is a major UK high street bank authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). It is a part of Barclays,  an international financial services provider with origins dating back to 1690 and headquarters within the United Kingdom.Its UK banking operations serv... read more

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Barclays Discussion Activity

  • Savings
    Q: I am a foreigner and reside outside of UK. I have an account with Barclays since 1993. Can I have fixed deposit account? if yes then what would be the rate of interest for one year fixed deposit ? many thanks Hameed

    Reply ali from Kuwait
  • Barclays ISA - Savings
    Q: I live in South Africa and would like to know what you would require from me should I wish to open a (Barclays Cash ISA) savings account. Thank you

    Reply Henry from Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • Barclays ISA - Savings
    Q: I have a few ISA accounts. Whats the best high rate interest of my isa to put 10,000.00 pounds into.

    Reply Guy from Slough, United Kingdom