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Santander UK Locations

Regions : England

England Locations

Cities : London
London Branches
Ludgate Circus Branch 11 Ludgate Circus, Ludgate Circus, London EC4M 7LQ Phone: 0845 765 4321
Piccadilly Branch 34 Piccadilly, Piccadilly, London W1J 0DN Phone: 0845 765 4321
Strand Branch 406 Strand, Central London, London WC2R 0NE Phone: 0845 765 4321
Oxford Street Branch 165 Oxford Street, Central London, London W1D 2JP Phone: 0845 765 4321
Northampton Square Branch Northampton Square, London EC1V 0HB Phone: 0845 765 4321

Santander UK Discussion

  • Q: Do you have a Branch at 100 Ludgate Hill, London EC4M 7RE ?

    Reply Randall from Halifax, Canada
  • Q: what is the interest rate deposit for 62.000 pounds If i put the money Closed for 6 months or 12 months

    Reply ilias from Greece

Santander UK Discussion Activity

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    Q: The bank of England's base rate has increased by 0 .25% When will your savings rates increase ?

    Reply Steve B from Weybridge, United Kingdom
  • Santander UK 1 Year Fixed Rate Savings Bond - Deposits
    Q: In about nine months I want to invest in fixed bonds. Do you provide fixed bonds payable monthly. Regards Joan

    Reply Joan Duckett from United Kingdom
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    Q: Can I borrow for the purpose of investing the loan money in an account of high interest rate? Loan will repay itself and ill get the difference. No risk, hence worst case scenario would be you getting all your money back. It's to be invested not for use and hope for a profit.

    Reply Abes from Namibia
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    Q: Can a person from The Irish Republic invest in British Bonds

    Reply Gerard Whittaker from Ireland